More than 2 Petabytes of the worlds most valuable digital assets
liberated each week!

Our unique Archive-Migration-as-a-Service (AMaaS) managed service is currently helping clients liberate more than 2PB of the worlds most valuable digital assets from aging and proprietary legacy archive systems each and every week!

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Next-Generation Archive-Migration-as-a-Service (AMaaSTM)

Regardless of the motivation for migration off your legacy archive system, taking the first bold step to your next-generation platform can be daunting. You can choose to remain status quo and hope for the best or invest in the future of your business while ensuring the long-term protection of your digital crown jewels. Our experienced team and advanced migration tools can help you break free of these legacy systems.

Regardless of whether your next-generation digital archive strategies involve on-premise, private cloud, public cloud or hybrid, our team of experts can help you along the journey. We are helping dozens of clients around the globe analyze, plan and migrate away from their massive-scale legacy archive systems. With our proven tools and professional services team, we can ensure the most efficient and risk-free path to your future archive.

Our data-driven approach to massive-scale legacy archive migration has been successfully honed and tuned working closely with our forward-thinking clients. This process combined with our specialized migration tools and deeply-experienced services team uniquely positions Cloudfirst as the only organization capable of providing a true end-to-end human and technology-driven path to your next-generation digital archive.

Planning a massive-scale migration off your Legacy Archive system can be daunting. Let our team of experts help as you embark on your transformational journey to your next-generation digital archive.

Our innovative Archive-Migration-as-a-Service (AMaaS) managed services offering offloads the end-to-end archive transformation burden from your team, allowing us to manage your entire Legacy Archive migration and allowing them to focus on more important tasks.


Strategy Development

Our team of industry experts will help shape and define your future path. We leverage decades of experience designing and deploying the world's largest and most complex digital archives to help you avoid pitfalls along the way.


Real-World Insights

We gather data from your existing environment to construct simulations in our lab. We then perform detailed and nonintrusive analysis of your workloads and environmental demands gaining deep and helpful insights.


 Mass Migration

Our Rapid Migrate SaaS solution drives the most efficient legacy archive migration possible while protecting your existing workflows. Rapid Migrate elastically scales resource utilization based on production demands.


AMaaS Managed Services

Our team of seasoned experts can manage your migration and provide 24x7 environment support. Diverting funds from existing support contracts can typically fund the migration process and eliminate associated risks.

Cloudfirst Rapid MigrateTM SaaS Solution

Rapid Migrate is our high-performance orchestration tool to automate migration off your legacy archive or storage management platform (we currently support most leading vendors) to your next-generation storage and archive platform regardless of your vision (on-premise, cloud or hybrid).

Rapid Migrate is a resilient on-premise deployed application which heavy-lifts digital assets off your legacy archive system while remaining laser focused on sustaining your existing production workflows. Leveraging deep-insights gathered during the analysis and modelling of your environment allows Rapid Migrate to elastically scale and contract migration resource utilization based on your sustaining production demands throughout the day minimizing operational impact. Best of all, legacy archive metadata (key to your digital transformation) is preserved throughout the migration process ensuring closed-loop integration with your important production and business systems (MAM, PAM, orchestration, digital supply chain).

With our SaaS-based approach, you only pay for the amount of data migrated off your legacy archive platform ensuring transparency on migration timeframe and costs. You can migrate at your own pace and when your migration is complete, you simply turn off Rapid Migrate. There are no unexpected expenses as our pricing model is inclusive of ongoing support, professional services and upgrades.

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Rapid Migrate is a turn-key solution which includes integration of core migration workflow components such as WAN acceleration and encryption, video/audio in-path transformation, automated QC and full-path asset authentication. Combining our best-of-breed migration tool with our unparalleled team of experts will help propel you successfully down the path of migration from inception through to your next-generation digital archive.

Of course, if your next-generation target is our Cloudfirst Software Defined Archive (SDA) platform, we can offer an enhanced set of capabilities including the option to reuse your existing on-premise storage infrastructures (tape archive, nearline, object storage) as we accelerate your move away from your legacy archive system.

Our Rapid Migrate tool efficiently migrates your massive-scale legacy archives into the future.

Granular control of the order of migration and the number of parallel migration streams.

Rapid Migrate supports multiple local and remote targets for migration (S3, CIFS, FTP, etc.)

Embedded WAN acceleration and encryption ensures the fastest and safest remote transfers.

Migrations occur in the "context" of the data tape ensuring unmatched performance.

SaaS-based pricing ensures you only pay for what you use, when you use it.


Metered Usage

Whether you are using Rapid Migrate to migrate a few of your assets or a full multi-petabyte archive, you will only ever pay for what you use.

Secure and Fast

Our solution includes WAN encryption and acceleration bundled in the metered price. There are no hidden fees or surprises and your content is secure.

Multiple Targets

Rapid Migrate supports most legacy archive systems and all on-premise and cloud target platforms and includes the most popular target integrations.


Realtime Migration Insights

Web Dashboard 

Our advanced dashboard and logging tools ensure you have a detailed and transparent view as your migration progresses. With cloud-based reporting, our team of experts can proactively help identify bottlenecks to ensure your migration performance is optimized throughout the process.

Resilience is Key

Our solutions are designed for 24x7x365 operations and can alert you when they are not running optimally. Even if you have to stop your migration Rapid Migrate will simply resume where you left off.



Our team of seasoned experts can help you develop, plan and execute on your next-generation digital archive strategies. Our innovative services and best-of-breed solutions can revolutionize your asset storage, management, protection and preservation objectives.

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