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Rapid Migrate™

Rapid Migrate is a high-performance tool to help you and your organization move from your legacy archive or storage management platform into the future, regardless of your target.

It's an application we don't want you to use for very long! In fact, we've optimized our software to run your migration as fast as we possibly can so you can turn it off just as quickly.

Rapid Migrate is built on decades of experience to help your organization move into the future while minimizing risk to your existing operations.

Intelligent and Efficient Migration

The most efficient way to migrate your valuable assets off a legacy archive system

Full Control in Your Hands

You have full control of every aspect of the migration operation including real-time performance stats

Any Target Platform

Whether you are moving to a next-generation SDA, an Object Store or to the Cloud we have you covered


Metered Usage

Whether you are using Rapid Migrate to migrate a few of your assets or a full multi-petabyte archive, you will only ever pay for what you use.

Secure and Fast

Our solution includes WAN encryption and acceleration bundled in the metered price. There are no hidden fees or surprises and your content is secure.


Any Target

Rapid Migrate supports most legacy archive systems and all on-prem and cloud target platforms and includes the most popular and ubiquitous interfaces.


Guiding You Into the Future

Turn-Key Migration Solution

We take the complexities out of your hands to ensure you keep your eyes on your future path. Our solutions are deployed as fully turn-key appliances which integrate easily into your existing environment.

Modern Architecture

We are able to remotely upgrade, configure, support and monitor your migration appliance to ensure it is always running at peak performance and not a burden on your existing staff.


Experience Quality Design

Real-time Insights

Our advanced dashboard and logging tools ensure you have a fully detailed and transparent view of your migration project. We can even help point you at any potential bottlenecks to ensure your migration performance is optimized.

Resilience is Key

Our solutions are designed for 24x7x365 operations and can alert you when they are not running optimally. The good news is even if you do experience an interruption, we will simply pick up where we left off without skipping a beat.


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Contemplating the future of your archive?

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