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We are helping some of the worlds largest and most innovative content creators, owners and custodians analyze, plan and execute on their long-term digital asset storage, archive and preservation objectives. Whether you are looking to move away from your legacy archive system or simply contemplating future options, our experienced team and advanced solutions can truly empower the future of your digital archive.

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Who Are We?

Your Next-Generation Digital Archive Experts

Whether we are contemplating technology or strategy, key decisions are often make-it-or-break-it. Technology providers and end-users are often scrambling to embrace the next “new thing” but playing this cat-and-mouse game can fly in the face of your ultimate strategic objectives. Our new and innovative solutions are defining a clear strategic paradigm for the future of your digital archives.

Our advanced Software Defined Archive (SDA) platform is leading the Digital Archive [R]evolution and already managing and protecting some of the largest digital asset collections in the world! Our next-generation SDA solution enables cognitive management of your assets regardless of whether you are looking on-premise, private cloud, public cloud or hybrid.

To ease your transition, our Rapid Migrate solution enables efficient massive-scale asset migration off your legacy archive platforms to your next-generation archive while sustaining existing production operations and mitigating your risk.

Navigating the Complex Path to the Future of Your Archive

We are a unique end-to-end solutions and services provider who can guide you down the complex path to your next-generation archive


Deep Insights

Client engagements often start with a deep dive into your current workflows and infrastructure. With our unique capability for extracting deep-analytics on existing legacy digital archive and storage infrastructures, we solidify our analysis and empower data-driven conclusions based on your real-world data rather than making costly assumptions.

Strategy Development

Our experts can construct a comprehensive and deep real-world Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model from your existing digital archive footprint. Marrying this with your medium to long-term business objectives empowers us to build a pragmatic strategic plan for migration to your next-generation archive while mitigating risk.

Next-Generation Archive

Our next-generation, best-of-breed Software-Defined-Archive (SDA) platform is truly disruptive to the norms of the industry - both technically and economically. Our SDA platform broadly embraces all modern on-premise, private, public and hybrid deployments, while remaining truly technology agnostic. It is a real game-changer.

Software Defined Archive (SDA)

Our [r]evolutionary new Software Defined Archive (SDA) platform is the next-generation of the Digital Archive. It is a major paradigm shift from the legacy archive solutions and architectures pervasive in the industry today and will change the way you think about your archives now and into the future. No longer is your archive a barrier to change, but rather a springboard to help propel your organization into the future.

Our SDA platform has a modern distributed architecture, cross-workflow applicability, limitless scale and true support for any type/amount of storage. We can address your Digital Archive needs now and into the future!

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Breaking with the norms, our SDA platform is offered as a inclusive SaaS-based subscription which does not license on storage capacity. We are already deployed in many high-demanding industries such as Media and Entertainment, High Performance Computing (HPC) and Life-sciences where performance and scale requirements are massive.

We bring a new twist to Hybrid as our SDA platform allows you to embrace all storage topologies including Public Cloud services in a pragmatic fashion while maintaining on-premise storage footprint(s) to support existing workflows and act as a cloud "safety-net". Our dynamic SLA engine allows you to make metadata-driven decisions on where particular assets are stored and how many copies are maintained at any point in time.

Any Type of Data

Our SDA platform handles any type, scale and format of data, regardless of where it comes from or where its going to. This helps unify data, across your local or global enterprise, regardless of your scale, environment, workflow or business requirements.

Metadata + Essence

By allowing systems to fundamentally encapsulate core metadata along with unstructured file-based content empowers operations simply not possible in the past. Our SDA allows you to use metadata to drive lifecycles, control access and define workflows.

Global Namespace

Our SDA platform provides a globally unified namespace across all devices, technologies, physical locations and cloud providers. Our SDA remains laser focused on where, when and how your data is stored while abstracting underlying complexities.

Any Technology

Whether you are considering NAS, Object-Storage, Data Tape, Private or Public Cloud-services or examining future technologies, our SDA platform ensures ubiquitous and transparent storage across any technology - today and into the future.

Infinite Scale

Our SDA was conceived of and developed in environments (HPC and others) where data-scale and performance demands have grown exponentially in recent years. Our SDA platform can manage any scale of storage, any number of files, objects and near infinite total capacities.

No Capacity Licensing

Our SaaS-based SDA subscription NEVER charges for storage capacity! Your subscription includes all professional service, upgrades and support. Often times we can implement our SDA solution for around the same price as your legacy archive annual support contract!

Highly Resilient

Our SDA platform is based on modern distributed architectures with engines that can be deployed anywhere on-prem, cloud or hybrid. This allows the platform to live and breathe in response to your needs by dynamically expanding, contracting and adapting now and into the future.

Open APIs

Our SDA unifies access across all deployments, technologies and geographies via open API access to all stored content. With a single global namespace, each connected system can interact with all global assets via familiar and ubiquitous modern interfaces like S3, NFS and CIFS.


Change is never easy...

Planning a massive-scale migration off your legacy-archive system is a daunting task. Let our team of experts walk you through our success stories and demonstrate our advanced tools to help ease your transition and empower the future of your digital archive.

Rapid Migrate SaaS Solution

Rapid Migrate drives massive-scale asset migrations from any legacy archive systems to your next-generation archive solution regardless of your specific direction. We ensure the fastest and most efficient transition while ensuring your existing production workflows are not impacted. By allowing granular and elastic control over resources consumed during the migration process we will help you move to your next-gen digital archive while mitigating any risks along the way.

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Of course, if your next-generation target is our Software Defined Archive (SDA) platform, we can offer an enhanced set of capabilities including the option to reuse your existing on-premise storage infrastructures (tape archives, nearline, etc.) and accelerate your move away from your legacy archive system.

Our Rapid Migrate tool efficiently migrates your massive-scale legacy archives into the future.

Granular control of the order of migration and the number of parallel migration streams.

Rapid Migrate supports multiple local and remote targets for migration (S3, CIFS, FTP, etc.)

Embedded WAN acceleration and encryption ensures the fastest and safest remote transfers.

Migrations occur in the "context" of the data tape ensuring unmatched performance.

SaaS-based pricing ensures you only pay for what you use, when you use it.


Experience Counts

Our team of experts possess more than a century of combined experience in architecting, developing and deploying some of the most innovative and demanding digital archive systems in the world. You can trust us to help you on your complex journey.

Next-Generation Archive Planning

Let our team of experts help with your high-level planning to help you better understand your options for moving away from your legacy archive system.

Provide brief details of your current environment (software vendor, scale of data, number of objects, existing infrastructure, etc.) and we will get back to you within 48 hours with a plan highlighting your next-generation archive options, estimates on migration timeframes and budgetary pricing to empower you to make data-driven decisions on the future of your archive.


Archive Experts

We are helping revolutionize massive-scale storage and management strategies for some of the largest content owners in the world. Our experienced team and innovative solutions provide a true end-to-end path as you contemplate and execute your transition to your next-generation archive.

Our Client's Challenges

Increasing Annual Costs

We can help you take control of ever-increasing support, maintenance and upgrade costs for your legacy archive infrastructure. By analyzing your real-world utilization we can build a long-term financial model that makes sense for you.

Migration Challenges

Large-scale digital archives are often in a constant state of storage migration as they continue to grow - and age. Keeping pace with this and ensuring longevity of your archive is paramount. We can help your organization manage your migration and control costs.

Lack of Innovation

Many legacy archive solutions have not kept pace with the demands of the industry, locking their users into static workflows, aging architectures and archaic licensing models. Let us help you take a fresh look at the art-of-the-possible.

Uncertain Future

Corporate consolidation and the normal ebb-and-flow of the industry have caused many end-users to become concerned with the long-term viability of their legacy archive solutions - and access to their crown jewels! We can help.

How We Help

Deep-analysis and Audit

Our Professional Services experts capture, audit and analyze your current digital archive infrastructure, usage patterns and trends to construct a real-world, data-driven baseline.

Understanding Your Business

Our Business Analysts will work with your Corporate Strategy team to truly understand your organizational objectives, pain-points, KPIs and business drivers.

Plan for the Future

By marrying decades of real-world experience with your data and business objectives allow us to construct a 12-24 month forward-thinking vision for your organization.

Moving to Your Next-Gen Archive

We help execute on your strategy while our advanced software tools manage the migration to your next-generation SDA platform regardless of the topology or target you select.


Cloud [R]evolution™

Massive-scale digital repositories present challenges few can truly comprehend. As many organizations struggle to find the right balance of software, hardware and cloud-services to meet their go-forward objectives, many of the complex details are lost in the noise. We can help you navigate this complex path.

Our Services

Storage and Preservation

Living and breathing unstructured data storage, management, protection and preservation both on-prem and in the cloud empowers us to fast-track your company strategy for the long-term.

AI and Machine Learning

By strategically applying innovative AI/ML to large-scale content collections during migration, we can gain revolutionary technical and business insight and help transform your organization.

Archive [R]evolution™

Whether migrating from a legacy archive to our next-gen SDA platform or lifting-and-shifting your massive-scale workflows to the cloud, let our team help reinvent your business.

Executive Strategy

With decades of experience in software development and operations, our team can help your company executives define a strategic vision and lay out a long-term plan for today and into the future.


In the realm of massive-scale, unstructured digital asset repositories, our depth of experience is unparalleled. We can help accelerate your success regardless of your experience level.


Our team also helps software, hardware and services providers in sizing, shaping and reinventing their solutions to better target this next-generation of large-scale unstructured data repositories.



Our team of seasoned experts can help you develop, strategize and execute on the future of your digital archive. Our next-generation SDA platform can revolutionize your asset storage, management, protection and preservation objectives.

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